Why Complementing NFT Holders with Physical Items is the Way to Go? And Thus, CrazyMeta is at the Forefront of It

Nowadays, there is so much buzz around non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The NFT market is now worth more than $25 billion and is projected to double or triple this year. So, it does not come as a surprise that everyone now wants to have a slice of the pie. Hence, lots of individuals are creating, selling, or buying these tokens.

Although NFTs are meant to be only digital items, complementing them with physical items can make a big difference. But why is this so?

It can reduce infringement of the right when you create or buy a digital artwork, song, video, collectible, GIF, etc., you are the only owner of the item. Factually, two individuals cannot own the same items. 

However, this doesn’t stop people from copying and sharing such an item without requiring any permission from the sole owner. As a result of this, there are so many fakes and copies of digital items that are used by people who don’t have proof of their ownership.

But complementing NFT holders with physical items can offer some solutions. This is because the original NFT holders already have physical items to show for their ownership of the digital assets. Over time, this can reduce the infringement of the right of ownership of the NFTs.

It can provide more royalties to the artists or content creators

Normally, content creators or artists only get a one-time payment for their works. However, NFTs now allow them to get long-term royalties. But if NFTs can be complemented with physical items, artists and content creators can even get more royalties.

For instance, after an artist has sold the digital form of a song and complemented it with a physical one, it can be played on radios, TVs, etc. With this, the entertainer can get additional royalties from these other sources. Hence, they will make tons of money from their physical and digital assets.

CrazyMeta is at the forefront of complementing NFTs with physical items

As shown above, there are some amazing benefits attached to complementing NFTs with physical items. Given this, CrazyMeta is championing the metaphoric marriage between digital assets (NFTs) and physical assets. This team is working all around the clock to provide a platform that allows NFT holders to get both types of assets.

With this, CrazyMeta will make it possible for NFT holders to use their assets digitally or physically whenever they deem. This will open a pool of opportunities to NFT holders and boost the security, liquidity, and value of their assets.

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